About Vadim
Hi, based in the Bay Area. Parsons graphic design, Stanford D school. Open to interesting job opportunities, collaboration…link
(Came to the US in the 80s from Kyiv, Ukraine). I grew up in a family of engineers who value critical thinking and making useful things. I love design because of the creative process, the problem-solving challenges, the tangible results. I've been fortunate to work on enterprise and consumer projects with some of the best Product teams in Silicon Valley.
You want to hire me because
- I'm creative, intellectually curious, social and I like to make things. 
- I believe that design is a conversation where the goal is to come up with a better product and advocate for the customer.
- I like to facilitate collaboration. We learn together better as a team. 
- Care about impact of new tech like social networks effect on privacy or artificial intelligence and human values etc. 
- I mentor…
Design should help to visualize and verify direction. Listening to the customers, understanding the problem and testing long term vision helps us to go step by step confidently and build on our strength.
Stanford D school's approach to product-market fit, and customer satisfaction inform my professional practice. Happy to start project from scratch or improve product that already exists. 
OfftheGround is my portfolio and a method…link
In my free time
I’m a maker/artist/active/social: Look at my art projects.
I love to connect with nature, 
I like bicycling, chess, hiking, cooking, etc. 
Check out my Twitter and Instagram and medium.
I have a son who is in med school.
I love to hang out with my nieces and nephews, big family
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