confluera Website Redesign
HOW MIGHT WE HELP cloud security engineer to evaluate cutting edge tech without revealing secrets?
Team: Head of Product, Executives, Founders.  
My role: UX/UI/Visual Designer, Researcher, Content Strategist, Writer, Illustrator 
Process: Summary of redesign project
Success: New website played a key role in the decision of respected Israeli cybersecurity leader(XMCyber) to acquire our startup to protect their enterprise customers in the US and in Europe
Confluera marketing is not converting prospects
The future of the highly effective cybersecurity technology is on the line. Design project starts with business objective. I worked with Head of Product and Founders to clarify business objective, frame the problem and formulate a hypothesis. 
ACQUISITION PROBLEM FRAMING: Who's the target customer? How the decisions are made? Where does our website fail?
Test content and usability
The bounce rate was high. Visitors did not explore or register for the Demo. They left after viewing the home page. We tested who'd convert or not and gather feedback "why" from their responses. 
Content Relevance:
– Is the content on the website relevant to the target audience's needs and interests?
– Are the articles, and other resources providing value and driving engagement?
Landing Pages: 
– Do landing pages effectively communicate the value proposition?
– Are landing pages optimized for specific keywords or audience segments?
– How do landing page designs and content impact conversion rates?
Call to Action:
– How prominently are CTAs displayed on the website?

– Are the CTAs compelling and aligned with user intent?
– Is the website easy to navigate, with clear menus and intuitive user paths?
– Are forms and checkout processes streamlined and user-friendly?
Evaluation with Target Customers

Insight: “Not sure how this cybersecurity tech is relevant to me. How exactly does it make my job of intercepting cloud attack easier?”
Cloud Security Engineer job-to-be-done
Understanding Cloud Security Engineer, meeting them where they are, and helping them to decide. What’s required for their success?
Develop empathy to learn about the Cloud Security Engineer and focus on their pain points. Pain points will be used to construct a story about technology that is more in line with customer needs. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
New messaging resonates with the customer
Create a story that explains the value of critical new tech and resonates with the Target Customer. Show how the story is constructed and translated into infographic with business objective, and customer pain points in mind. 
Visualize new direction with conceptual prototypes
Translate customer insights into an engaging flow that connects quickly, and persuades to follow up. Test and iterate to refine the prototypes.
Mid fidelity prototype
Clarify, test and improve the message
Clarify and improve prototypes with testing and feedback. See the stages and conversation as refinements are being made. Click through to visualize interaction and conversion flow.​​​​​​​
Powered by Continuous Attack Graph
Confluera’s patented Continuous Attack Graph automates the painstaking work of incident investigation and detects more attacks faster. 
Whiteboard conceptual ideas
Medium fidelity infographic
Mood board
What I Learned
Cybersecurity / Big data start up; Tech in search of customer. 
Company was getting acquired. Because we put some of the new product features on hold I, as a product designer, could focus on the marketing story. I feel we did a good job. The website helped us to attract a lot of interest and a bunch of large cyber security companies wanted to evaluate our startup and technology for acquisition.
Understand the problem first
To understand how our technology is different and better, we conducted competitive research and looked closely at other cloud cybersecurity solutions in the market.
Don’t oversimplify. 
The target audience was technical and strategic. Acquisition prospects are more interested in seeing how our unique algorithm works to find the needle in the haystack by looking through hundreds of millions of weak signals to find a potential threat.
Make the story quick and easy to read, but don’t lose critical details that the audience needs to evaluate our cyber security tech when comparing it to others. 
Design partner is critical
In a competitive space differentiation and feature fit is not enough. We focused on the machine and cranking stuff out / speed of execution. Weren’t able to tell our story to the customer early enough. Technology in search of a customer. Didn’t care about the research very much. Failed by not identifying the target customer/insight.
Having the customer who champions our technology and helps to tell our story: cloud security engineer relationships and DevSecOps should have been prioritized over closed sales. If we showed that our service was indispensable for the customers and vision for the future, we would have gotten more traction sooner.

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