PROBLEM:  Confluera makes it much faster and easier to see the threat and intercept cyber attacks in the Cloud. Our story sounds too good to be true. 
SUCCESS:  Persuade Cloud Security Engineers to try Confluera.

DESIGN PROJECTS:   1) Create new Confluera explainer with story that resonates.  2) Redesign Confluera website to feature new story.  
TEAM:   Head of Product, CEO, Founders.  MY ROLE:   Content Strategist, Writer, Infographic Illustrator, UX/UI/Visual Designer and Researcher. 
RESULTS:   New story / design improved Confluera prospect engagement and customer acquisition. It also played an important role in persuading XMCyber, a respected Israeli cybersecurity leader to acquire Confluera.
Job-To-Be-Done: what does prospect need to be persuaded?
To improve conversion we want to meet Sarah where she is, satisfying her curiosity and conducting due diligence. Cloud Security Engineer Job-To-Be-Done illustrates the Confluera website visit scenario.
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