Samsung KNOX
Work/Life Balance on a Secure Mobile Device​​​​​​​

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becoming a critical workforce trend, new Android mobile devices were not sufficiently secure for enterprise applications and professional customers. But when security was installed, it impacted device performance and customer productivity.
I led a small team responsible for mobile applications design and testing. We worked to make secure mobile applications quick and friendly based on individual preferences, enterprise requirements and government regulations.
SAMSUNG CASE STUDY: How to turn a complex and frustrating customer experience into a simple and convenient product that millions of professionals want to use
1. EVALUATE: Interview stakeholders to uncover their priorities, and conduct usability/need finding research. Discover how customers want to be able to use their mobile devices, and why the current product isn’t working for them.
2. PLAN: Focus on professional customers to address their work life balance
3. EXECUTE:  Visualize the tasks customers are attempting to complete on their mobile devices, plan experiments and test assumptions to reveal a core loop that satisfies their requirements and improves engagement
1. Evaluate