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From concept to completion: I've been involved in all phases of product design. There is not one way of doing things because every team, every project is different. Here are some thoughts on design fundamentals.​​​​​​​
Design is a conversation:   Design conversation is a critical tool that helps to verify our assumptions, clarify Job-to-be-Done, formulate success metrics and test product requirements. There are a bunch of stages in this iterative process. And prototypes are props that facilitate this conversation.

Visualize long term vision: Product story and prototypes help to test and verify direction and put the short and medium term deliverables into context. Listening to the customers, understanding the problem and testing helps us to go step by step confidently and build on our strength.
Target Customer helps designers to focus on what's important: Designers can tailor content to the interests and needs of the target customer. This includes selecting imagery, fonts, and messaging that are relevant to the audience, making the design more effective and persuasive.